Principles of Management
Spring 2008

Student Biographies

Josh Eichelberger

My name is Josh Eichelberger. I'm 24 years old and graduated from Norwich Tech in 2001. I spent 4 years active duty as an F-16 crew chief and I've been in the National Guard for the last 3 as Security Forces. I'm curently deployed, hopefully returning in early March. I plan on transferring to UConn next year majoring in mechanical engineering.

Adam Church

My name is Adam. I graduated from Ledyard in 2003. I joined the USMCR in 2005. After my first tour in Iraq I got married and my wife joined the Navy as a vocalist for the Navy band. We are being stationed in Japan so she can sing over there. This is my 3rd semester at Three Rivers and my 6th distance learning course. Eventually I will have to transfer to an all-online school to finish my B.S. in Business Management.

Annette Sines

My name is Annette Sines. I am a resident of Gales Ferry. I graduated from a small high school in West Virginia in 1992. Since that time I have lived in New York, Connecticut, Washington State and South Carolina; then back to Connecticut in support of my husbands Naval career. While in Washington State I earned Associates in Arts and Science from Olympic College with a concentration in business and accounting. The last few years I have been a stay at home mom to our son Cooper who is 3 ½ years old. I am taking courses at TRCC to assist me in transferring into ECSU with an ultimate goal of a BS in Business Administration. I was a branch manager for Washington Mutual bank for eight years and hope to use my degree when I reenter the workforce. I enjoy the outdoors and love to hike and camp. I am also an avid baseball fan. While traveling I plan stops around MLB ballparks. I look forward to the class and getting to know everyone.

Joy Patterson

Hi! My name is Joy Patterson. I graduated from East Lyme High School in 1992, which gives away my age, so I won't include that. I am a working mother of a 7 year-old little girl, and I am pursuing a degree in Marketing here at TRCC. I plan to transfer to UCONN after completing this degree, and my ultimate goal is to earn an MBA. I like to exercise (yes, I actually like it), I enjoy watching football, spending time with friends, and taking my daughter to do fun things.

Kristen Dennis

Hi, my name is Kristen and I graduated from ELHS in 2007. I’m majoring in Business Administration. I like to shop, go to the beach, and spend time with my boyfriend. As of right now, I want to own my own business and get into real estate.


Shawn Nahass

Hi, my name is shawn nahass and I am in general studies.I live in san diego and love it. Grew up in connecticut.I am looking to graduate this year.


Kyle Rathbun

I am Kyle Rathbun, a 2005 graduate of Stonington High School. I attended UConn for my first year, and I now live in Stonington and work at StoneRidge Retirement Community in Mystic. I love to jam on guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, and bagpipes, and I plan to move to Arcata, California for the next two years and live in the UK once I get my bachelor's.


Jonathan Blake

Hello, My name is Jonathan Blake. I am 19 years old. I went to H. H. Ellis Tech. I am currently majoring in the Architectual Design Program. This is my first year at TRCC. This is also my first online class. I currently work for a Telecommunications company where in charge of CAD. When I graduate I plan on attending a 4 year college to get my BA in Architecture.


Eileen Perron

My name is Eileen Perron and I am the wife and mother of a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.  I graduated from Marianapolis Preparatory School and have a B.S. in Corporate Video Communications from SCSU.  I worked in the Commercial Insurance Industry for 10 years until the adoption of my children in 1994 and 1997. 

My current career position is “Volunteer Queen” earned from holding 20 plus volunteer jobs in my community for the last 13 years!  Currently, I am a Girl Scout leader, PTO Treasurer, 8th Grade Fund-raising Chairman and Choir Member, not to mention my children’s taxi driver!  My hobbies include walking, swimming, reading, knitting and traveling.

My son will be entering high school next year and my husband is contemplating retirement, so that means it’s time for me to get out of the house and back to a “paying” job!

I have always loved math and accounting, and that is how I ended up a part-time Accounting major at Three Rivers Community College.  I look forward to entering the work force again, next spring, after graduating.

Gail Therian

I have recently returned to Three Rivers to obtain my Associates Degree in Accounting. I am married and have two sons and live and work in Colchester. I work in the Planning and Zoning Department as the Administrative Assistant for the Town of Colchester and have my certification as a Zoning Enforcement Technician, but really enjoy the financial duties of my job. I like to spend my free time, what there is of it, reading, gardening and shopping.


Sandra Goddard

Hiya! I'm Sandra. Last year a "fired my job" of 10 years to finish my education. I will be graduating in May with Electrical and Nuclear degrees. I'm a 1991 Grasso- Southeastern Tech grad.

I love being with my family & friends, country music ( pic of me with Brad Paisley at his fan club party in ,06), Red Sox , UCONN women's b-ball, NE Patriots and learning to ride a motorcycle.

Best of luck to everyone.


Ryan Acosta

My name is Ryan Acosta and I have lived in connecticut my whole live. I am 21 years old and graduated from Norwich Free Academy in 2004. I am majoring in civil & environmental engineering at TRCC. I am a volunteer firefighter and also love extreme sports. I love spending time with my daughter and my fiance.

Sarah Miller

Hi, my name is Sarah Miller. I am 25 years old and I am continuing my education to become a teacher. I went to high school in Michigan and then moved with family to Los Angeles where I lived for four years. I met my husband there and when we were expecting our first daughter, Emma, we moved back here to Colchester, CT (just to be near more family) where we have been the last 3.5 years. Just this past may we had another little girl, Sophia. Travis's job, hes a pharmaceutical rep, is now bringing our family to Brooklyn; well his work is bringing him to Brooklyn but we opted for Staten Island to live for a little more normalcy. We are actually moving there in two days..very stressful time! Exciting too! My hobbies include spending time with my wonderful little family, photography, snowboarding, dancing and most things outdoors.

Joe Baretincic

Hello my name is Joe Baretincic and I have been a part-time student for way too long in the Civil Engineering Program at Three Rivers. I am Structural Designer for Engineering Firm that is heavily concentrated in the USN Submarine Fleet. I attended (4) different high schools growing up (my dad was in the Air Force) I graduated in Wisconsin. I plan on attending UConn in two years in the NRME GIS program with a minor in Soil Science. When I am not playing with my two kids I kayak and I am currently training for a triathlon.

Liz Valiente

Hi, my name is Liz Valiente. I’m originally from Peru, but 3 years ago I had a lucky shot when I won the US Visa Lottery and I got the Permanent US Residence. For this reason, I decided to come here looking for a new opportunities. I finished a career in my country, Engineering System, and thinking to continue my studies here, I decided for Business Administration. In my spare time I like dancing, singing. Also, I really love traveling to different places and knowing about different cultures.

Adam Toolan

My name is Adam Toolan and I am 20 years old.  I graduated from Waterford High School in 2005.  I then attended Southern Connecticut State University for the past two and a half years majoring in business management.  I live in Waterford and work at General Dynamics Electric Boat as a draftsman.

Debbie Rathbun

Hi, my name is Debbie Rathbun. I am married with a 2 year old son. I graduated from NFA and I work as an Administrative Assistant. I am pursuing a degree part time in the Business Office Technology Program and hope to be finished next year. In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach in the summer, reading, and spending time outdoors with my family.


Kym Apicelli

My name is Kym Apicelli. Im 21 from Waterford CT. I work full time at a car dealership in New London, im taking classes part time, and singing in a new (and exciting) country band called HIGHWAY CALL w. my dad and 4 other friends ( Other the singing, i also enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, and spending time with my 3 cats.


Brian Feragne

My name is Brian Feragne. I am married with two, soon to be three kids. I recently seperated from the Navy, and currently pursuing my associates degree in general studies.


Erin Meunier

My name is Erin Meunier, graduate of the NFA class of '00. I've been going to TRCC now for 8 years and am planning on a degree in General Studies in May '08! After graduation this May I plan on then working towards my Bachelors Degree in Business. I am the mother of a beautiful little girl and thoroughly enjoy being outdoors throughout the Summer months with my family.  


Kerri Starke

My name is Kerri Starke. I have been attending TRCC since Fall of 2006, and just recently switched my major to marketing. Besides going to school, I also work full-time. I enjoy the outdoors and swimming, as well as reading. 


Barbara Crouch

I am a very non-traditional student, even for a community college. I already have two undergraduate degrees and two masters. I have always wanted to take formal courses in acounting - so here I am at 43 pursuing an AS in Accounting. I am marreid and have two children and work full-time at Dime Bank, part-time at Three Rivers and own a consulting company with my husband.  


Angel Sepulveda

My name is Angel. I'm 26 years old and currently serving in the Navy. I been on active duty for 9 years and have 1 year left. My plan is to transfer to Uconn majoring in accounting.


Bryan DeLaBruere

Hi my name is Bryan DeLaBruere. I live in Gales Ferry with my wife Rebecka and kids Dakota (6) and Mason (18 mos). I did six years hard time in the Navy, but my true calling is in aviation, so I've just finished an associates degree in avionics and air traffic control. I'm currently working as an avionics tech at Groton-New London airport, and if you live in Mystic and call Dominos in the evening, I can bring you a pizza and some chicken wings.